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TAHRA Chapter History

In the early 1970's a group of Tulsa Area HR executives began meeting to discuss forming an human resources professional organization.  The goal of the group was to create networking opportunities and meet periodically to discuss areas of common interests.  This information group was formalized in 1972 when the Tulsa Personnel Association was formed.  Shortly after formation and upon meeting national requirements, the Tulsa Personnel Association (TPA) was accepted as Chapter #175 of the American Society for Personnel Administration (ASPA).  In 1989, ASPA changed its name to the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM).  Following SHRM's lead, TPA changed its name to the Tulsa Area Human Resources Association (TAHRA).  From its inception in 1972 to today, TAHRA has grown from less than 20 members to over 500.

Past TAHRA Presidents

The founding members of TAHRA anticipated the need for a local chapter to represent the human resources profession. Their goal was to provide continued professional development opportunities, networking and advance the interests of a transitioning profession.

  • TAHRA Presidents, Present - 2000
  • 2015 Michelle Lehman
  • 2014 Billie Fisher Callahan, SPHR
  • 2013 Brandon Brazeel, SPHR
  • 2012 Chris Wright, PhD
  • 2011 Bryan Wempen
  • 2010 Jennifer Shultz, PHR / Bryan Wempen 
  • 2009 Holly Fisher, PHR
  • 2008 Julie Callahan, PHR
  • 2007 Candia Fields, PHR
  • 2006 Andy Staub, SPHR
  • 2005 Andy Staub, SPHR
  • 2004 Christy DePasquale, SPHR
  • 2003 Paul Mackey, SPHR
  • 2002 W. Kirk Turner, JD
  • 2001 William D. Young, SPHR
  • 2000 Bill Webb, SPHR
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Nationally Recognized TAHRA Members

TAHRA members have been recognized for excellence in the HR profession throughout the years. We are excited to share that TAHRA has repeatedly received the SHRM Superior Merit Award since the 1990s.

TAHRA President's Award

This award is given to a TAHRA member by the current President for someone who is considered to be indispensable over the course of the year

  • President's Award Recipients, Present - 2000
  • 2014 Justice Waidner Smith, MA
  • 2013 Diane Hewitt
  • 2012 Barbara Ware, CRP and Denise Reid
  • 2011 Diem Lewis, SPHR
  • 2010 Julie Callahan, PHR
  • 2009 Sharee Wells
  • 2008 Jennifer Shultz
  • 2007 Julie Callahan, PHR
  • 2006 Bonnie Gorrell
  • 2005 Lona Paganis
  • 2004 William D. Young, Ed. D., SPHR
  • 2003 Christy DePasquale, SPHR  & Gloria McCurdy, PHR
  • 2002 Travis Jones & Paul Mackey
  • 2001 W. Kirk Turner
  • 2000 Bill Webb, SPHR
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Richard J. Messer Excellence in Human Resources Management Award

The Richard J. Messer Award for Excellence in Human Resources Management was designed to recognize outstanding leadership and achievements in the human resources field. The recipient is an individual who serves as a role model for others, sets the standard by which others are measured and unselfishly gives of themselves to the betterment of TAHRA, the Human Resources profession and the community.

  • Richard J. Messer Excellence in Human Resources Management Award,  Present - 2000
  • 2015 Brandon Brazeel, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
  • 2014 Nancy Gunter, SPHR
  • 2013 Bryan Wempen
  • 2012 Travis Jones
  • 2011 Julie Callahan, PHR
  • 2010 Laura McIntosh, SPHR
  • 2009 Christy DePasquale Ptak, SPHR
  • 2008 Noel Groves
  • 2007 Candia Fields, PHR
  • 2003 W. Kirk Turner
  • 2002 Bill Webb, SPHR
  • 2001 William D. Young Ed.D., SPHR
  • 2000 Rick Messer, SPHR
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TAHRA Members Recognized by the Oklahoma State SHRM Council

In addition, several TAHRA members have been recognized by the Oklahoma State SHRM Council. 

  • HR State Excellence Award Winners
  • 2008 Candia Fields, PHR
  • 2007 Kirk Turner
  • 2006 Julie Callahan, PHR
  • 2002 William D. Young, Ed. D., SPHR
  • 2001 Laura McIntosh, SPHR
  • 2000 Delbert Rice, J.D., SPHR