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Keynote Descriptions + Learning Goals

Imagine the Power of Belonging at Work

In this keynote, Rhodes teaches how to build belonging at work. He will show you how to embody inclusive behaviors that will lead to moments of belonging by offering tips on how to build psychological safety and trust. These are the building blocks to creating a workplace culture of belonging that leads to organizational success and breakthroughs. 

The most important question we will explore in this keynote is: “Who are we intentionally including, and who are we unintentionally excluding, and what are we doing to answer the second part of this question?”

In this high-impact keynote, Rhodes shares distinctive stories from his extensive career as a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) thought leader. He provides the specific inclusive behaviors that every person must embrace to contribute to building a workplace culture that values each person’s knowledge, perspectives, and expertise. And, he will also explore the costs of failing to intentionally name and build an exceptional culture of equity and belonging.

Rhodes’ powerful insights on current inclusive leadership trends are nationally recognized as cutting edge and impactful. His heartfelt storytelling ability means your attendees will remain engaged throughout his talk – and implement the inclusive strategies offered.

Your outcome will be an audience prepared to embody inclusive behaviors that all contribute to building cultures of belonging – for themselves personally and for their colleagues professionally.

  1. Improved relationships and team performance from learning the belonging foundations of psychological safety and trust.
  2. Appreciation of the personal actions any person can take to enhance workplace culture.
  3. Expanded inclusion skills and thinking on the important issue of building belonging.
  4. Enhanced clarity about the personal responsibility required to build belonging.
  5. Knowledge of communication approaches that transcend power dynamics & differences.
  6. Discovery of the specific actions required to build belonging at work.

About Rhodes Perry 

Rhodes Perry is an award-winning social entrepreneur, best-selling author, sought after keynoter. Nationally recognized as a diversity, equity, and inclusion thought leader, he has over 20 years of leadership experience having worked at the White House, the Department of Justice, and PFLAG National. Media outlets like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and the Associated Press have featured his powerful work. He serves as the CEO of Rhodes Perry Consulting, a global leadership and management consulting firm helping executives build enduring cultures of belonging. He earned a BA from the University of Notre Dame, and a MPA from New York University. He currently serves on the National LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce’s Transgender Inclusion Task Force, and the Cascade AIDS Project’s Board of Directors.