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HR Articles & Tools are gathered and reviewed by TAHRA as a service to our current and prospective members. Many of the documents have been written by TAHRA members or contributed by organizations that support the mission of TAHRA. Some of the resources are available to all visitors; others are restricted for members only. If you are not currently a member, please visit our membership page for more details.

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Personal Coaches Do More Than Give Employees a 'High-Five' (pdf)  Members Only. Join Now!

In the business world, personal coaches help drive employee performances to peak levels, as well. Well-coached employees know better how to prevail at office politics, excel in all communication arenas and yes, even achieve greater successes in the face of challenging bosses.

Run a Business as You Would a Marathon: Employee Recruitment Strategies Help Businesses Compete (pdf)  Members Only. Join Now!

The ebb and flow of a business can be as difficult and challenging as running or organizing a marathon race. Employee recruitment strategies help employers stay competitive in the tough races ahead.

What You Should Know About Coaching and Mentoring Differences (pdf)  Members Only. Join Now!

Coaching and mentoring have great potential for improving performance in the workplace. It’s important to recognize the distinct differences and objectives of each.

Why Didn't I Think of That? Energize Everyday Entrepreneurs by Mandating Out-of- Bounds Thinking (pdf)  Members Only. Join Now!

I consider entrepreneurs, or those walking around with an entrepreneurial spirit, as an organization’s most valuable assets. In my experience, I have seen how proactive and creative thinkers benefit organizations and their stakeholders.

Your Employees Have the Answers If You Ask Them! Encourage and Harness the Power of Entrepreneurial Thinking (pdf)  Members Only. Join Now!

In order for entrepreneurial ideas to flourish, employers cannot be timid about allowing out-of-bounds thinking - there should be no walls or constraints.

Outplacement (pdf)  Members Only. Join Now!

Outplacement services have been proven to facilitate a job search and that people who have received outplacement benefits find more desirable jobs sooner than those who did not receive the service.