Local Government Specialist

Company: Oklahoma State University

Location: Stillwater

This position helps fulfill the mandates of Title 19, Sections 130.1 - 130.7 and 1500, and Title 68, Section 3006 of the Oklahoma Statutes. These laws call for professional development training and education programs for county elected officials, their employees, and county excise board members. (It may include training for other local government officials). This professional development of county public officials also entails applied research in the development of educational programs and publications, as well as, reference materials. Although most programs will be for groups, one-on-one assistance is also expected.

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Detailed Description:

  • Identify, develop, present, and evaluate educational programs, educational publications, and reference materials, especially in the areas of human resource management and development, risk management, and leadership.
  • Identify Needs: Work with other local government specialists, other Extension staff, state agencies, county officer association advisory boards, and county officer association leadership to identify training and educational needs.
  • Develop new material and modify existing curricula and materials to meet education and training needs, particularly certification programs.
  • Present short-courses and workshops at regional locations throughout the State, at conferences, and by distance education/online methods.
  • Training sessions will address, among other things, duties and responsibilities of county government leaders. Training sessions will address efficiency, effectiveness, and professionalism of county officers and their staff. Other educational endeavors will include writing a variety of publications. This may include newsletters, correspondence, Extension fact sheets, and the like.
  • Evaluate effectiveness and outcomes of educational activities. Evaluation includes post-presentation evaluation forms, surveys conducted at later dates, and receiving verbal feedback from county officer advisory boards and individuals. Evaluation is used to modify and/or expand programming.
  • The specialist represents the program and the University in local, state, and national forums, as required. The specialist will develop an annual work plan that contributes to the overall strategic plan.
  • The specialist and his/her supervisor will discuss and establish annual performance goals and measures that are subject to change from year to year. This includes working in multiple programs performing different functions simultaneously.
  • The specialist must be able to work in an interdisciplinary, changing team environment, collaborate with internal and external clients, and complete broad work assignments in an accurate, timely, and cost effective manner.
  • The candidate will be expected to perform other related duties as assigned. Employment is contingent upon continuous funding and revenue.



  • High School/GED with 3 years related technical training plus three years related experience.
  • Valid Driver's license.
  • Must be able to lift/carry 50 pounds and push/pull 100.
  • Good written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to teach adult audiences orally with relevant visual aids and classroom exercises.
  • Technical writing skills including the ability to research, read, and, to some degree, interpret legal language including but not limited to the Oklahoma Statutes.
  • Coordinate training schedule with program leader and other specialists. Statutes.


  • Master's degree in Education, business, government, or related Experience in talent development and retention of personnel.
  • Oklahoma teaching certificate.
  • Knowledge and experience in building workplace teams, managing conflict and developing work and interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge and experience in planning, scheduling, organizing and delivering targeted training programs for individuals and/or groups of employees.
  • Able to review and recommend training sources consisting of internal instructors or outside services.
  • Ability to utilize a variety of options including online, in-person and blended learning.
  • Ability to assess needs, plan, coordinate, develop, deliver and evaluate training programs.
  • Ability to teach leadership skills and ethics.
  • Knowledge and ability to teach/communicate human resources and risk management policies.
  • Training in delivery of educational programs, especially to adult audiences.
  • Experience in delivery of education programs, especially to adult audiences.
  • Training and experience in applied research.
  • Technical writing skills.
  • Knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of county elected officials and non-elected officials in Oklahoma county government.

Additional Information:

Please include a cover letter, resume, and list of three complete references including name, address and email address for full consideration.

Please visit the website below for more details and application instructions.

Contact Name:

Notie H. Lansford, Jr.

Contact Phone:

(405) 744-8792

Contact Email:


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