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The Tulsa Area Human Resources Association (TAHRA) is excited to announce that we are in the process of collecting data for a Compensation and Benefits survey specific to the Tulsa market. To our knowledge, a compensation and benefits survey that focuses exclusively on jobs, compensation and benefits specific to the Tulsa-Metropolitan area, has not been made available to employers in recent years. We expect the survey to be completed and available for purchase this fall.

There are numerous benefits and advantages to participating in a compensation and benefits survey, and especially one created specifically for the local Tulsa Market. One of the most important benefits is to understand changing market trends and ensure that your total compensation package and employee value proposition is competitive amongst your peers. Likewise, you will have access to data that will aid you in both your recruitment and retention efforts. Other important factors include maintaining or obtaining a competitive advantage. These are just a few of the numerous benefits to ensure that you are making informed decisions to propel your organization forward. The Johanson Group is providing consulting services for TAHRA this year in order to provide a user-friendly online data collection system and a useful survey outcomes report.

Here’s where we need your help. We would like to ask that you to participate in the survey. We are creating this survey to provide value to organizations just like yours, so partnering directly with you to obtain needed and valuable information is crucial to secure accurate data. If you would like to commit to participate, please sign up here. There is considerable cost savings in participating in the survey, as well as being a TAHRA member.

We want to thank you advance for your consideration of helping us with this important project.

You may purchase your survey upon completion of participation this year. Please send an email to eat0@eau0eav0eaw0. We will then send you an invoice and upon receipt of payment, deliver the survey.


• $250 – TAHRA member and participant

• $500 – Participant

• $750 – TAHRA member/non participant

• $1000 – Non Member/non participant

Job Titles

Positions that we will be collecting data for can be found here. If data is not collected for a particular job title from at least 3 employers it will not be included in the final report to maintain anonymity of provided data.